At Michael E. Plummer & Associates, we are looking out for our clients during this difficult time.  In order to continue to serve you, we will be offering phone consultations for all of our bankruptcy services. 

The court has given temporary permissions which will allow us to serve bankruptcy client needs via telephone, electronic signatures, and online payments. Clients are able to begin the bankruptcy process and get ready to file with our help through phone consultations and email, without having to come into the office. We can also accept document submission online or through email and fax.

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We are Bankruptcy Lawyers serving Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky from our Covington, KY offices. We will help you file your Chapter 13, Chapter 7, and may help prevent foreclosures, repossessions, and other debt problems. 

Be Informed. Check Your Credit Score. 

Checking your Credit Report will not hurt your Credit Score because this is considered a “soft inquiry.” Only “hard inquiries,” such as applying for a mortgage, can affect your score.


Michael E. Plummer & Associates is a client-focused law firm dedicated exclusively to representing individuals dealing with bankruptcy.  


Our practice is one of the leading bankruptcy law firms in Northern Kentucky, Southwest Ohio and the surrounding Tri-State area. Very few law firms in the area can match our depth of experience in Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Bankruptcy Law.  


Our level of commitment to helping our clients through difficult times while charging reasonable fees has made us a trusted legal partner with a reputation for unparalleled client service.    

Your experience is very important to us.

We are proud of our exceptional reputation, and excellent referral rating. 

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Virtual Bankruptcy Filing During Covid-19.

We want to help you. 

Make an Online Payment

1. Choose Amount

2. Enter billing information

3. Checkout using Debit Card or Echeck from your checking account information. 

NOTE: You cannot use a credit card that you intend to include as a debt in the bankruptcy proceeding. 

“Client acknowledges that the firm is not allowed to accept a credit card payment for attorney’s fees from a debtor/bankruptcy client who intends to list such payment of fees on a credit card as a debt in a bankruptcy proceeding.”

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