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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.



All Cases Can Now be Filed with Payment of Court Costs Only!


     Thank you for contacting me. I will be more than happy to help you resolve your financial issues. We will stop your foreclosure, stop your garnishment and usually recover your money! We can recover your repossessed vehicle and get rid of your credit card debts, medical bills and high interest finance companies! We can usually even recover your money if recently garnished by creditors!

I will need the following documents to file your case. If you don't have them all feel free to come by and we can discuss your issues and get the documents later:

  • 2017-2018 federal and state returns

  • Recorded deed to home (if you own or are purchasing)

  • Recorded mortgage(s) from Courthouse records room in the

  • County in which property is located

  • (In HAMILTON COUNTY we can get your Deed and mortgage on line so we will save you a trip to the Courthouse)

  • Title to your motor vehicle showing the liens, if any,

  • Paystubs in order from the PRIOR 6 MONTHS 

All the bills you have or if you don't have a bill just write their name on a sheet of paper I have 50,000 addresses of creditors (one bill from each creditor is ok, not ten bills from Saint Elizabeth, for example, the amount you owe is also not important, as long as I send them a letter they will be discharged)


Go to and do online credit counseling for 14.95 it takes about an hour and bring the completion certificate. When it asks for an “Attorney Code” skip that part).


     If you want to pay the fees for a Chapter 7 in advance the total legal fee is 660.00 (typically) and court costs is 335.00 or 995.00 will pay your costs in full. You can make payments at an amount convenient to you and can start referring your creditors to us today! 


     However, If you desire to file your case now by paying the 335.00 federal court costs down then we can set up the fee of 900.00 over a three month period. You would pay 335.00 court costs down then 300.00 when your case is filed, 300.00 on or before your court date in 30 days and the balance of 300.00 would be due 30 days later .


       IF YOU HAVE BEEN GARNISHED ­ over $600.00 within  the last 90 days we can usually recover your money for a small  additional fee and that can be applied to the legal fee and any  balance due refunded to you! 


       If you are filing Chapter 13 you would only be required to pay the federal filing fee of $310.00 down to file your case! The legal fees are set by the Bankruptcy Court and are paid from your monthly plan payment over a period of up to 60 months.


      That's 95% -100% of it (I think!) -but you can call or email me 24/7 and I will promptly reply.


      You can come by anytime during the week between 9-5 or any Saturday  9-12 . You do not need an appointment, I have filed over 50,000 cases and this is the only law I have practiced for over 22 years. I do not file divorces or lawsuits or do Deeds or Wills, I only practice this area of law.


     Our office is located behind the Bankruptcy Court (for Kentucky residents) and you can always park in our lot anytime

you visit our office or when you go to your Meeting of Creditors. The Hearing itself only takes only a few minutes and creditors rarely attend. I will be there with you and your case will be handled professionally at all times.

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Michael E. Plummer